Welding Technology Of Multifunctional Oval Tin Box

   BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The utility model relates to an electronic and electrical maintenance tool, and more particularly, to a solder box having a plurality of functions. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION Solder boxes are instruments that are often used by electronics, electrical engineering and maintenance personnel, electronic and radio enthusiasts. The currently known solder case has only a single function for storing solder, and the other with a simple electric irons, which do not meet the needs of the user and are not easy to use.Oval Tin Boxes  In order to overcome the shortcomings of the existing solder box function, the use of inconvenience to provide a multi-function solder box. Can be energy-saving and can control, select, show the status of electric iron soldering iron function. Electronic components, wire holding function. Material storage function. Circuit board clamping function.  1. storage box, 2. power switch, 3. working status indicator, 4. electric iron front bracket, 5. circuit board, 6. power input plug, 7. frame, 8. micro switch, 9. power Output socket, 10. electric iron rack rear bracket, 11. function lock button, 12. Cylindrical body slot group, 13. Wire groove group, 14.Rectangular box element group, 15. wire docking slot group, Annex 17, Annex.Oval Tin Boxes detailed description. The multi-function solder box is designed as a whole. The middle is a rectangular solder box, used to store solder, flux and so on.Oval Tin Boxes

    The right side of the solder box is an energy-saving electric iron holder, which includes a front bracket, a rear bracket, a guard frame, a function lock and a control and display circuit. The circuit board is placed inside, the external power supply input plug, power output socket, power switch, working status indicator, three-terminal micro switch. Three-terminal micro-switch and rear bracket connection, can be linked up and down.Oval Tin Boxes The working principle and process of the energy-saving electric iron stand is the power input plug connected 220V AC mains. Power output socket connected to the electric iron, electric iron placed on the front and rear support, open the power switch, if the electric iron to pick up the operation, the three-side micro-switch reed driven rear bracket at the same time, power 220V AC Voltage through the three-terminal micro-switch all the common contacts are added to the electric iron, two as the working status indicator light at the same time light, indicating that the soldering iron at this time in full power working condition. When the operation is over, the electric iron will be placed in the bracket, the rear bracket by the role of gravity driven three-terminal micro-switch down, disconnect the normally open contacts, connected to the normal contact, alternating current through a diode rectifier and then added to the power Iron on. As a result of half-wave rectification, the output voltage is reduced by nearly half, the soldering iron's working current is significantly reduced, resulting in energy-saving effect, and is not easy to cause long-term high-temperature oxidation of soldering iron, can effectively extend the life of soldering iron. At this point the two working status indicator light is extinguished, the other continues to light, indicating that the electric iron is in the insulation work.