The World Bureau Of Metal Statistics: January-May, Global Tin Supply Shortage Of 2,000 Tons

"China aluminium network" World Bureau of metal statistics (WBMS) monthly published in its website on Wednesday showed, 2016 1 May, global Tin supply shortage of 2,000 tons.

May global Tin stocks increased by 2,900 tons, month-end inventory increased by 3,000 tons over the end of 2015.

January-May the world refined Tin output (excluding LME Tin reprocessing) grew 13,300 tons. January-May Asian 114,500 tonnes of refined Tin output from a year earlier to 128,400 tons. China's apparent demand grew 13%.

January-May as global demand for Tin 154,500 tons, up 4.6%. Japan demand at 10,800 tons, down 500 tons.

In May, 30,800 tons of refined Tin output, demand for 29,600 tonnes.