The Use Of Round Tin Boxes

Round Tin Boxes is a widely used tableware. Aluminum Foil meal box thickness is generally between 0 04mm, can be divided into two kinds of wrinkle and wrinkle.

More widely used are aviation food, home cooking and large-scale chain cake shop. Main use: Food cooking, baking, freezing, preservation and so on.

Round Tin Boxes are usually made of 8011 aluminum alloy or 3003 aluminum alloy, with a foil and an oiled foil two.

1.Round Tin Boxes  used for making tin plate, Barbi alloy, tin foil, type gold, alloy, chemical medicine and so on. Materials used in electronic industry for use as high purity reagents. 2. Reagents for determination of arsenic and phosphate are also used in organic synthesis. 3. For the manufacture of carbon products, friction materials, oily bearings and powder metallurgy structural materials. For the determination of phosphates and organic synthesis, also used as reducing agents. High purity Copper is an indispensable valuable material in atomic energy, rocket, missile, aviation, space voyage and metallurgical industry. High-purity Copper is the best material for atomic neutron reflective layer because of its strong heat absorbing ability, stable mechanical properties, high melting point and high temperature resistance. In the metallurgical industry is alloy steel additive, Round Tin Boxes also used in refractories and special glass, integrated circuits, antennas and many other aspects. 4. Use as a reducing agent, such as the determination of arsenic and organic synthesis. For the preparation of low melting point alloy. Gao Chunxi is used in the electronics industry for tin plating and diffusion-doped processes.