The Best Way To Save Tea With Oval Tin Boxes

Tea has a fresh and elegant natural flavor, but in the storage process if there is improper, will lose the original flavor. More expensive tea, the more difficult to keep fresh. So, how to buy back the tea in the end how to save it? A few days ago, the reporter interviewed Xiamen poly Xiang Tea related responsible person Mr. Lin.

Mr. Lin told reporters, for tea has such a saying: One year treasure, two years of grass. If you drink tea regularly, you should follow the purchase. Because the normal tea shop has a professional fresh-keeping equipment, so customers in the shop to buy the most fresh tea, do not have to buy a lot.

Buy Home tea in the preservation to pay attention to 4 points: first, to avoid humid environment. When the water content of tea is up to 8.8%, it is possible to mold, and when the temperature is 12%, the mould will breed rapidly, and mildew and mycelium appear on the tea.

Second, the tea should be low temperature, avoid light preservation. Sunlight and light will have an effect on the quality of tea, the more high-grade green tea, scented tea, Oval Tin Boxes the more sensitive to light. There is a noun called "tanning gas", that is, the light time is long to produce a bad sunburn.

Third, tea easy to absorb odor, buy back the tea wrapped in paper, and then use two layers of polyethylene food bags sealed, and then put in the dry place, avoid tea and smelly items together, such as mothballs, soap, perfume, cigarettes and so on.

Four, the preservation of tea containers to tin boxes, Oval Tin Boxes porcelain altar best, followed by iron boxes, wooden boxes, bamboo boxes, etc., Oval Tin Boxes plastic bags, cartons can also be used. In particular, the iron box should be placed in a shady place, can not be placed in direct sunlight or humid, there is a heat source, so on the one hand can prevent the iron box oxidation rust, but also can inhibit the tea box in the aging, the deterioration of the speed.

In addition, Mr. Cheung Chun-ming tea Lin also said that the use of plastic bagged tea is the simplest and most economical and practical method of tea storage. But to choose to eat the packaging bag, it is best to choose a high density, a bit thicker. In order to reduce the loss of tea aroma and improve moisture-proof performance, Oval Tin Boxes can be put on a layer of plastic bags, with a string of good bag mouth, placed in a cool dry place. Thermos Bottle Storage method is also good, storage is to fill the liner space full of tea, cover the stopper. Oval Tin Boxes is worth noting that different grades, varieties of tea, should be classified for safekeeping, avoid mixing.