Tea Packaging Face Elegant Tin Box

Today, the Yunnan businessmen and artists join hands, launched a collection of craft box of tea, not only broke the "tea" premium package "import" the backward situation, with this package, Yunnan Pu-Erh tea is more "noble" a lot. The packaging is a box, mainly for preservation using bait tea cake. Two boxes the same size, about more than 20 centimeters in diameter, about 5 centimeters high. This packaging design is most noticeable, Yunnan flavor prints, created by famous Chinese artists Wang Yingtian of Yunnan nationality. Its total planning, and only also technology of boss fan Mr first introduced said, this times launched of "ancient Yunnan Chen Yun" packaging, in with material, and process, and technology means and culture grade Shang are for has revolutionary of reform, in inherited traditional of based Shang, introduced has modern food packaging concept, to its "soil", now its "really", upgrade has tea of "noble gas". According to the Vice President in charge of production of Yun Xiteng l said, metal Tin packaging of tea since ancient times, pure metallic Tin is recognized as a "green metal", especially for tea packing, especially for collections Pu-Erh tea. After the Tin box, anti-corrosion treatment, kitchen salt erosion-resistant, durable, nontoxic and odorless, with pores, particularly suitable for tea collection. According to reports, this package has a value and security features.