Square Tin Box History Of The Scope Of Application

   The ancients of the copper, iron are called gold, do not know tin, is not also in the "gold" list. I think it should be no problem, tin from the gold, all the metal, almost all gold next to the. The use of tin, the earliest seems to only appear in the face of the alloy. No study of the spring and autumn of the sword is used to this thing, only know that war Han bronze mirror, there is tin nickel composition. Tin has a silver-like texture and luster, the alloy has it, naturally increasing the brightness. Beautiful and clever smile, self-pity figure, can be in the mirror in the flow of the present. And it seems not too easy to rust. Who saw the tin rusty? It is only in the erosion of time under the dark, but not seen with erythema green rust on it. Unknown when to start with a tin castor. Ming and Qing Dynasties it is clearly widely used in folk. Tin is soft, not frozen. It is said that the following zero, it will be powder. It can be inferred that it is more common in the warm south. In the genus of the metal, gold and silver are called precious metals, iridium molybdenum and so on are rare metals. In our ancient times, in fact, the status of copper has always been lofty, and even long over gold and silver. What about tin? Who would like to make a fight with a tin ring, his love will eventually ended in tragedy. Tin is undoubtedly "cheap" metal, because it is soft, hard not up, and may also be rich in gold and silver copper and copper iron and nickel lead iridium platinum bar.Square Tin Boxes

    People generally use it, because it is the price of the people, not broken, not rust. Even if the deflated flat, do not hammer sheet metal, just use your fingers to pinch to restore the prototype. People also found it a big advantage, that is, put the tea in particular fresh poly gas. So by the literati special favorite. Literati are always arrogant, often pregnant again, so always from the grass than bamboo. Like a kind of base metal like tin, it seems to be with their sick, sympathetic. When the text of the flower splashing tears hate the birds startling, spring worry autumn resentment, shaped pen and ink, in addition to plain bamboo, naturally will not let the tin. Tin texture, and the text as soft as the heart, easy to engraved, knife like a pen. So many of the tea teapot, teapot, jug, above all have elegant poetry, with Meilan bamboo chrysanthemum. Low-lying tin, so it will become elegant and elegant, quiet and pleasant. Nowadays the shape of the ancient style of tin cans, very popular with tea people favor. Tin low status, seems to be quietly reversed. A fine tin tea warehouse, if the type is good, good year, and there are good models of good engraved words, the price of a few gold. Culture is always to the world with a layer of gold water, so that it is reborn. Several orchids, two lines of the verse, often as the point of gold magic wand.Square Tin Boxes

I like tin, in fact, the first covet it is cheap. A incense box, a tea pot, in the cold stalls, who will notice this dark thing! In fact, it is simple shape, with the most simple atmosphere of the connotation. It shows the simplicity of the utility. Two round incense box, when I bought them, really just think they are cheap. Just cheap. But their value in my eyes more and more prominent. They are so simple that they can not be concise lines and shapes, they are gloomy to the black pulp, they sit on the desk that quietly relaxed look, they are full, old breath, that makes me fascinated. They are kind friends of nature, is honest folks, is not good words but heart of the neighbors. Or even cross-legged meditation of the monks, and even silent philosopher.Square Tin Boxes