Round Tin Boxes You Know The Solder Process

    Automatic soldering robot can improve the efficiency of more than 50%, but also improve the precision of the solder, reduce the waste of solder work, so that the original needs of two people work, just a people can complete, so that the automatic solder machine is the preferred product of solder. Today is about the automatic solder machine virtual welding problem. First of all, we should be clear that the solder joints are only a small amount of solder welding, resulting in poor contact, Shitong when broken. The quality of the solder joints will seriously affect the overall mass of the potentiometer, must be careful not to produce virtual welding. Here we will discuss how to control the phenomenon of virtual welding in the process of production and processing. Let's get down to the bottom.Round Tin Boxes
    1, blowing gas, and then keep the tip of the clean. Because the power of the automatic soldering Machine Head for a long time at high temperature, its surface is very easy to oxidize or burn dead, so that the thermal conductivity of the iron is poor and affect the quality of welding. Therefore, our equipment in order to improve the life of the iron tip, set up an automatic air blowing function. 2, the welding time should be controlled well, not too long. The proper use of welding time is also an important part of welding technology. If it is printed circuit board welding, generally to 2 3 advisable. The welding time is too long, the flux in the solder is completely volatile, the soldering effect is lost, and the surface of the solder joint is oxidized, which leads to the defects such as roughness, blackening, light, burr or flow. 3, Obersie should pay attention to things: if the weld and solder surface with rust stains, dirt or oxides, should be before the welding clean before the solder or solder surface plating tin. 4, the welding point solidification process, remember not to touch the welding point by hand. Welding point before the complete solidification, even if there is a very small vibration will make the solder joints deformation, causing virtual welding. Therefore, before the tip is evacuated to the welding parts to be fixed, such as with tweezers clamping, or after the exit of the nozzle after the rapid use of air blowing, the purpose of these practices is to shorten the solidification time of solder joints. 5, the temperature of the welding should be appropriate, not too high, not too low.Round Tin Boxes
    In order to make the temperature appropriate, should be based on the size of electronic components to select the appropriate power of the automatic solder machine, when the selection of automatic solder machine power must be paid attention to control the length of heating time. When the solder from the iron tip automatically scattered onto the solder, indicating that the heating time is sufficient. The tip is quickly removed and a smooth solder joint is left at the weld. The temperature control of the general tip is the best welding temperature when the flux is melted faster and does not smoke.Round Tin Boxes
    It says so much about controlling the phenomenon of virtual welding during production and processing in fact, to avoid virtual welding the most direct, the most fundamental method, or to do a good job cleaning before welding, cleaning the best do not use solder paste, because it contains acidic materials, it is possible to corrode the electronic components of the PIN, resulting in virtual welding. After cleaning up the oxide, the solder surface first tin, and then welding is easy, also not easy to produce virtual welding.Round Tin Boxes