Round Tin Boxes

Tin is the human body essential trace elements, the human body needs to consume a very small amount of tin, but these traces of tin can give the human body a huge role. Because tin in the human thymus can produce antitumor tin compounds, inhibit the formation of cancer cells. Some experts found that in patients with breast cancer, lung tumor, colon cancer and other diseases of the tumor tissue in less tin content, lower than other normal tissue. In addition, the tin also promotes the synthesis of protein and nucleic acid, which is beneficial to the growth and development of the body, and the formation of enzymes and the involvement of the enzyme in the biological reaction, can enhance the stability of the body environment. Adults only need to take $number mg daily from the outside to be able to consume enough, generally through the normal diet and drinking water can be enough to ingest the tin element.Round Tin Boxes


The role of tin in the human body about three: one is to promote growth and development, the second is to affect the function of hemoglobin, the third is to promote wound healing. One: tin and yellow enzyme activity, can promote protein and nucleic acid reaction, so can promote growth. Second: Tin can inhibit the human body iron absorption and the biosynthesis of morpholine, also can promote the decomposition of hemoglobin, thus affecting the function of hemoglobin. Three: Tin can promote tissue growth and wound healing, and can participate in energy metabolism. The tin is also the kidney heme oxygenase inducer. In addition, it is reported that tin may also affect life expectancy. Although the role of tin is still not very clear, but these kinds of role is a good reference. People in daily life can not ignore the role of tin!Round Tin Boxes


The human body needs Tin 3 5mg daily. Viscera and cereals are good sources of tin. Tin-rich food, such as: fresh green vegetables, fruit, liver, pig kidney, cereals, wheat and so on, the human body daily about 3.5mg. So far there has been no human tin deficiency Disease report, canned food provides a large number of tin, up to 200ppm.Round Tin Boxes