Oval Tin Boxes Of Perfume

   Use no perfume, is to measure the boy cornered a watershed, however, with what perfume, more can reflect the taste (a good person is difficult. If you're cool enough, you can look at this solid ointment. This solid ointment comes from the main production of all kinds of male care around, from fragrance to a variety of needs, washing products.Oval Tin Boxes
   Unlike liquid perfume, solid ointment is easy to carry and keep, do not worry about the plane, a small box in the pocket and in the bag, can be used at any time; the solid balm in tin cans is made with a mixture of high quality essential oils and a special microcrystalline wax and coconut oil wax, leaving incense for a long time. In addition to the outer packaging force is full, Fer will never bump incense! These three styles come from three different natural scenic spots: Green Grass Hatteras: fresh vigor. The name comes from Hatteras Island, a narrow island about 50 kilometres from the coastline. As a sporting paradise, Hatteras Island boasts magnificent beaches, and fish-rich sea water is also a haven for fishing: surf, surf, sunshine, sand ... Just painted on the front may be a bit blunt, but is more suitable for that kind of fresh sports small boy!Oval Tin Boxes
    Blue-Green Tybee: Clean and bright. Tybee Island is located below Georgian beaches, near Savannah, and is named for its honesty and simplicity. During the Industrial Revolution, Tybee Island was the best destination for urban dwellers seeking to live in polluted smog, because of its clean, salty air. This section of the public acceptance of the highest, relatively fresh and elegant. Red Shackleford: Wood warm. The name of the perfume comes from the outer bank, a part of the famous American scenic spot in North Carolina State, which has been named for centuries on its sandy beaches, the wild Mustang-A of wild heaven. This type of fragrance is more enthusiastic, more suitable for mature some warm male. Finally, it is to be reminded that the weather hot ointment easy to oil, but does not affect the use of Kazakhstan!Oval Tin Boxes