Oval Tin Boxes

Aluminum foil paper, some people in Hong Kong also known as tin foil, is made of aluminum foil mill with a thickness of 0. A thin sheet below 2mm, mainly used for packaging food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other chemicals.Oval Tin Boxes


The original tinfoil was really tin-made, and tinfoil was softer than aluminum foil, the amount of food that is wrapped is a little bit of tin, while Tinfoil has limited its use in food packaging, such as the need for barbecue foods and the inability to use tinfoil when baking food, because its melting point is less heated, or when the heating temperature is high--such as the Shan of more than 160. Since has the aluminum foil, because its melting point heats up to 660 Shan above only then starts to melt, may apply in the ordinary barbecue food, the baking food, even the traditional call Flower chicken all uses the aluminum foil paper to wrap the baking, the clean sanitation while maintains the original flavor. So after the aluminum price reduced, aluminum foil replaced the tin foil in the daily life. However, because metal aluminum will affect the brain development, so the current surface of aluminum foil will be coated, to avoid the release of metal aluminum.Oval Tin Boxes


Aluminum foil paper is usually used for food on the load (such as: aluminum foil tray), used in the barbecue can be wrapped in bean sprouts, potatoes, sweet potatoes and so on to barbecue, lest they scorch. Sometimes used as decorations. Modern aluminum foil paper is made of aluminium and can also be used as an aluminum electrode for electrolysis. There are also hair stylist to foil the guest perm. Some people also use foil paper to absorb the oil in the soup. Aluminum foil paper is also widely used in the isolation layer, heat exchange, and as a conductive body. In general, the thickness of aluminum foil for paper-wrapped drinks and food packaging is only 6.5 microns. This thin aluminum layer can be waterproof, keep fresh, germ-resistant and anti-fouling. The aluminum foil plate is very common, although the aluminum foil plate is one-time, but the composition is aluminum, the harm to nature less.Oval Tin Boxes