Metallic Properties And Toxicity Analysis Of Square Tin Boxes

Square tin Box No poison tin is arranged in platinum, gold and silver behind the fourth kind of precious metals, it is rich in luster, non-toxic, not easy to oxidize discoloration, with good sterilization, purification, preservation effect. Life is often used in food preservation, canned inner layer of anti-corrosion film. Tin's chemical properties are very stable, at room temperature is not easily oxidized by oxygen, so it often keeps silver shiny luster. Tin non-toxic, people often put it in the copper pot inside the wall, in case copper warm water generated toxic patina. Toothpaste shell is also commonly used tin (toothpaste shell is two layers of tin in the middle of a layer of lead.) In recent years, China has gradually used aluminum instead of tin to make toothpaste shell. Solder, also contains tin, generally contain tin 61%, there is a lot of lead tin half, also some from 90% lead, 6% tin and 4% antimony composition.Square Tin Boxes

But the loose fragrance you smell is non-toxic, mainly the solder lead in your hand and the lead vapor you inhale. After using the solder must wash hands, the process of attention to ventilation, reduce the inhalation of solder steam. Our teacher said that now the solder non-toxic, your sister Ah, Lao Tze's solder roll marked with Pb37, you have used solder no AH. The current mainstream welding wire for PB, SN process. In other words, the solder wire without labeling RoHS is tin-lead alloy, which contains 37% of lead. You can choose to purchase RoHS-compliant solder, which is lead-free, but the melting point is high, not easy to use. Simple judgment method: with the solder and hand friction, leaving the black traces are lead, leaving the yellow traces of lead-free. Really do not trust the purchase of pure tin, a small tuo cost me 10 yuan, not enough I welding two times. First, the definition of heavy metals is (elementary): The density is less than 4.5 grams per cubic centimeter of metal, while the density is greater than 4.5 grams per cubic centimeter of metal is heavy metal. The density of tin is 7.28 grams per cubic centimeter, which is heavy metal. In our traditional sense of "heavy metal" generally refers to cadmium, lead, mercury, copper and other toxic to the human body of this kind of metal. However, Tin does not participate in the body's physiological and metabolic activities, is non-toxic "heavy metal", like gold, is not heavy metal, but earrings, bracelets and so on is not a lot of gold made.Square Tin Boxes

Material: Tin is made of tin as raw material processing of metal crafts, tin device by system more than 90 of tin with a small amount of lead, lead is to increase the hardness of the tin, and tin is a second only to gold and silver valuable metal. Argument: First of all: Tin products are widely used in food packaging, such as chocolate, cakes and other food are packaged with tinfoil, these are the best proof; second: Tin utensils also have a lot of unique, tin tea cans sealed good, long-term preservation of the quality of tea, so tin is entitled to "Sheng Shui water sweet, wine wine mellow, storage tea taste unchanged, floral flower long" reputation. Finally: Tin crafts are avid collection of consumers a large number of purchases, such as Thai tin, Russian tin is a world-renowned manufacturer of tin. Function: 1. Tin can purify water quality. Tin is a valuable metal after gold and silver, but also has the effect of absorbing impure substances, in places where water quality is not good, people will put the tin plate in the bottom well to purify the water. 2. Tin Crafts Collection Value tin crafts have a high use, ornamental and collectible value, tin with color such as silver, bright as a mirror, sound such as chime and unique. 3. Tin container Sealing strong tin element is very strong, so the use of tin storage tea, fresh-keeping period than any other tea pot time is long, and has no stale, not discoloration characteristics. From ancient times, pay attention to tea ceremony, like tea, tea, half of the people use tin cans storage tea. Tin Tea pot has been recognized as the long-term preservation of tea and avoid the loss of tea nutrition and taste changes of the best containers. 4. Tin absorption function tin element has the function of absorbing impure material, so the vase made of tin, water is not easy to muddy, can keep the flowers long.Square Tin Boxes