Irregular Tin Boxes

Tin is one of the earliest metals used by mankind, is also one of the most extensive industrial uses of metals, with a soft texture, low melting point, malleability strong, plastic and non-toxic and other excellent properties, mainly used in the manufacture of solder, tin plate, alloy, chemical products. is widely used in electronics, information, electrical appliances, chemicals, metallurgy, building materials, machinery, food packaging, atomic energy and aerospace industry. With the development of economy, its application field will be enlarged. Specific application is as follows.Irregular Tin Boxes


Tin and sulfur compounds-tin sulfide, the color is similar to gold, commonly used as gold pigments. Tin and oxygen compounds-tin dioxide, is insoluble in water white powder, can be used to make enamel, white glaze and milky glass. Tin dioxide can also be used as a catalyst to prevent air pollution-automotive exhaust gas often contains toxic carbon monoxide gas, catalyzed by tin dioxide, in 300 Shan, can be converted to carbon dioxide. Tin compounds can also be used in dyes, rubber, plastics, pesticides and other industries.Irregular Tin Boxes


Tin Chemical is another main end use of tin. In recent years, the consumption of tin in the field of chemical products has been increasing. Chemical tin mainly concentrates on five aspects: PVC Heat Stabilizer, pesticide, catalyst, agricultural fertilizer and glass coating.Irregular Tin Boxes


1. Materials used in electronic industry for high purity reagents. 2. Reagents for determination of arsenic and phosphates for reducing agents are also used in organic synthesis. 3. For the manufacture of carbon products, friction materials, oily bearings and powder metallurgy structural materials. For the determination of phosphates and organic synthesis, also used as reducing agents. High purity Copper is an indispensable valuable material in atomic energy, rocket, missile, aviation, space voyage and metallurgical industry. High-purity Copper is the best material for atomic neutron reflective layer because of its strong heat absorbing ability, stable mechanical properties, high melting point and high temperature resistance. In the metallurgical industry is alloy steel additive, also used in refractories and special glass, integrated circuits, antennas and many other aspects. 4. For low melting point alloy preparation. Gao Chunxi is used in the electronics industry for tin plating and diffusion-doped processes. Irregular Tin Boxes