How To Reduce The Round Tin Boxes Of The Tin Tin Solution

   Tin tin box is a new type of solder, in recent years, due to the demand for green, the global tin tin new product development and production has become a development trend. China Torch Program, 863 plan will be round tin box of basic research and industrialization as one of the key state support projects. Lead is a toxic heavy metal. The global electronics assembly industry consumes a lot of solder every year. China is a big consumer of electronic products, in addition to the huge domestic market, China's exports of electronic products accounts for about 50% of the country's exports, electronic products need to use a large number of solder, so China is a global power consumption of the country, according to 2008 Year statistics, China's annual sales of about 80,000 tons of solder, but also increased year by year.Round Tin Boxes

    Wave crests are widely used in the process of wave soldering. The first crest is a columnar peak (mainly used for the welding of patch components, which is easy to discharge air and reduce leakage welding). The width of the wave surface is relatively narrow. The second wave is flat wave, the crest is stable and stable, such as a mirror, the flow rate is slower. The surface of the wave has a new liquid tin and oxygen contact, oxidized slag is formed in the rapid flow of liquid tin material, it is very different with the static oxidation, the dynamic formation of the oxide slag has three forms. (1) Surface oxide film. Liquid tin in the tin furnace at high temperatures, the exposed surface and oxygen contact with each other and oxidation. The main component of this surface oxide film is SnO. As long as the liquid state is not destroyed, it can play an isolated air and protect the inner layer of solder is not allowed to continue oxidation (2) black powder. Generated at the junction of the liquid surface and the mechanical pump shaft, the rotation of the shaft caused by the surrounding liquid vortex, the oxide by friction with the axis of the ball. While the surface temperature of the friction particles increases, while exacerbating oxidation. (3) oxidized slag. Tin furnace generator design is irrational and the formation of the liquid surface intense rolling, the air in the oxygen is constantly inhaled tin material inside. Due to the limited amount of inhaled oxygen, the oxidation process is not sufficient, resulting in a large number of silver white sand (or tofu slag) of the oxide slag. Its content in the oxide slag in the main component, and some can reach more than 90%.

    Therefore, in view of the above formation and composition of oxidized slag, to reduce the oxidation slag from the following aspects:Round Tin Boxes1. tin surface level can not be too low: the liquid level is too low to increase the gap of the peak, an increase of contact with the air area and liquid tin back tin tank of the impact of the surface increased tumbling2. Slag is too frequent: tin surface tin oxide has the role of air, tin oxidation speed and time is inversely proportional to the frequent fishing residue but exacerbated the oxidation of tin.Round Tin Boxes3. peak hit too high: an increase of tin flow rate and impact, increased the amount of oxygen and tin combined.4. Change the tin stove design: Break through the current facilities factory tin furnace design ideas, the installation of diversion tank, anti-oxidation sets and nozzle width adjustment agencies, greatly reducing the flow of tin, the customer measured at the oxide slag Weight, no more than 1.2KG (200 wide PCB) every 8 hours. To save a lot of resources to customers.