Gift Box Made By Future Development Trends

A: the 21st century is the century of environment, people are working on new packaging materials and environmentally-friendly design to reduce packaging environmental problems of solid waste. Innovation in packaging materials like: for heat insulation, shock-proof, shock-proof molded pulp packaging material and perishable; is designed to reduce late is not easy to decompose the materials used for packaging, used light weight and small size, easily crushed or compressed, easy separation of materials.

Two: a company called "Faller" packaging boxes, the packaging boxes opened through a die-cutting on the packaging boxes, open tray needs a certain amount of strength, is very easy to open way for adults, but for children, it is very difficult, so as to effectively prevent the children's driving, eating. This packaged gift box, once opened, it is difficult to restore, also played a role in security to a certain extent, truly integrating protection and security in one.