Tea packaging downsizing dainty Green

(Xinhua, Mr Wu Zhiming, Luo Jiansheng Lin Jinfeng paper/chart) reporter learned that, at present, many tea in Anxi tea reach tea packaging enterprises have started packing "downsizing" actions, clay, bamboo, wood and other natural materials used as tea packing material. These simple tea packaging not only cost savings, can also be recycled.

Recently, in a tea shop in specialty of Anxi County town, reporters saw the counter stocked with more than 10 kinds of bamboo, bamboo, bamboo baskets for outer packing of tea leaves. Their varied specifications, half-pound Pack, a pound, and internal foam foam foam containing 15, 30, 45, prices also vary, luxury 190 Yuan, average 50 Yuan. Bamboo dot the landscape, people, flowers and birds, and poetry and calligraphy, very enjoyable. In the past, just walked into city streets and tea shops, you'll find paper, plastic, suede, and other kinds of tea packaging range. Tea after the home more and more useless empty tea box, throw not willing, place, become a problem.