Printing and packaging industry: neglected something for sale

"China packaging news" after sales of the printing and packaging industry is one of the most difficult problem in day-to-day management, day-to-day management, we attach great importance to sales. But has often ignored the problems after the sale. Therefore, in order to help you properly handle after sales, we are sorting out the most commonly used words, I hope to help fellow friends.

Printing packaging industry of sale Hou problem is daily management process in the most tricky of problem one of, such as: printing chromatic aberration, and paper quantitative, and open slot Burr, and degumming and so on are is sale Hou to solution of problem, this inside has we process quality checks not strict of problem, has customer not understand printing packaging industry manufacturing process and process cannot solution of problem, if processing improper light who caused relationship customer relationship tension, heavy is arrears payment lost business, to yihou of sales work brings passive.