Popular food packaging design will look at some of the tips

A: food packaging design your layout, design, text, equally spaced cutting edges must be 1cm, so as not to cut is cut. Text must be transferred or to trace the outline of the curve. Words do not use the system, will cause a stroke staggered white nodes. After the text converted to curves, note whether the words or lines skips or overlaps the wrong version. Don't use black text printing coloring.

Two: food packaging design color is not to screen or printer to print color requirements, customer must refer to when making CMYK color spectrum to determine the percentage card fill. Bearing in mind the different manufacturers produce CMYK color spectrum by the use of the material, effect of ink types and printing pressure and other factors, differences in same-colored blocks. The same food packaging design, in different printing, color difference, chromatic aberration in the 10% for the normal (control for inking always have different), large print, loss, such as old document to print, to avoid colour difference is too large, only in the light of the company's digital color samples.