Aquatic product processing base of knowledge

Processing of internal cleansing program is referred to as a handle.

1, and to scales: will fish body and Taiwan surface parallel State, fish of abdominal towards people, to left press fish head, right hand took scraping scales device to inverse scales of direction, by fish of tail to head to scraping scales, if abdominal, and fin Department has more fine scales of must with tip removed; has more fine scales of fish also available steel brush scraping scales; fish of opposite also will fish body and table parallel, back towards people, reverse scraping except scales.

2, Gill and gutted fish head turned to the right, right hand holding nail fish knife, left hand hold body, first cut the roots of the gills from fish heads, then kill the fish knife blade inserted from the edge of the Gill, and cut along the edge of the gills. Then belly up, cut off instead, gills and head joints, and open enough to cut into the belly of the Gill cover extent will kill the fish knife into the gills under the CAP, cut open the belly of the actions carried out. To kill the fish knife tip to cut part of the stomach to anus, at this time need to be careful not to hurt and bile, eggs or fish offal. With the thumb and index finger gently into Gill lifted, to kill the fish knife tip against the protruding parts, Gill gently removed, makes separation of fish gills and fish head. After Gill excision, eviscerated, around the anus resection.