All kinds of plastic packing tips explained

1, aseptic packaging: sterile environments after sterilization of foods packaged and sealed in the container after sterilization, so that it does not add preservatives, no longer shelf life under refrigerated conditions.

2, moisture-proof packaging: divided into two categories. One is to avoid losing water, one is the packaging items absorbing moisture. Through high-barrier packaging material to prevent water discharged out of the packaging, which can be incorporated into packaging materials---high Hygroscopicity desiccant.

3, cooking bags: flexible composite materials made of bags containing food, bag packaging food for a short time in the autoclave sterilization, the bag can be heated in boiling water before eating.

4, transparent packaging: transparent packaging material can see all or part of the contents of the package.

5, shrink packaging: shrink film wrapping products or packages, and then heating the film shrink packs tight product or a packing method of packages.

6, vacuum packaging: the product into airtight containers, removing air inside the container, sealed containers for the intended method of vacuum packaging.